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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

4th Guiding Principle

Impress- at one glance

Let's briefly summarise where we are up to.So far we have concentrated on achieving an effect by using the power of our minds.To reinforce this we have used words, telepathic images and the power of suggestion.Now we want to go one step further and train our 'look'- how we use our eyes.

"The eyes are the windows of the soul".
"If looks could kill!"

You are probably very familiar with both of the above sayings.Now you are going to learn how to make use of these powerful tools- your eyes- except of course you do not want to 'kill' with a look! What you want, and are going to learn is how to influence others with your look and to guide them to your way of thinking.

The windows of your soul

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then we must educate our 'soul' to be able to work through our eyes.Resolve that your eyes shall express with powerful effect all that you want them to say.Resolve also that your gaze will always be one of goodwill.When your look truly comes from your heart people cannot help but to like, trust and accept you.They will see you as a kindred spirit.

You will gain sympathy just by your look!

During any conversation, it is not merely your words but also your facial expression; eye to eye contact, body language and gestures that form a lasting impression.Sometimes the face- particularly the eyes- can seem to contradict what is being verbalised.Indeed it has long been recognised that looking into someone's eyes can tell you whether or not they are telling the truth! When the facial expression and the inner attitude are in harmony, the message being delivered can have a powerful impact.Many successful people make use of this.

Sometimes people read faces wrongly.It is important to recognise that a relaxed facial expression can actually be a well-trained and practised mask behind which greed and calculation can be hidden.It is just as easy to misinterprete a tense and thoughtful looking face too, imagining it is hostile unfriendly face.If we see such tension in a face we are often guilty of assuming it is directed at us- when actually the person simply has a lot on their mind.

We have to learn not only to read facial expressions but also to adopt different facial expressions ourselves.It is not always easy to judge people correctly, which is why it is easy for hypocrites to deceive their fellow men.You however, need no longer be taken in by them, because you are going to train your look.

Do you remember what we promised you at the start? To immediately be able to see through a person at a glance.Let's see how this can be done.....

Be irresistible

So you want to be irresistible? You want to immediately make a good impression on others? You want to be known nice, pleasant, friendly and generous person? You can take a step in this direction once you have mastered the methods of using the right look.

The single most important criterion is that you relax your face.A relaxed face is harmonius and attractive, giving a clear signal to people that you are easy to get along with.It further signals that you are peaceable and have the necessary respect and regards for fellow men.A relaxed face also makes you look younger.

A relaxed facial expression imparts honesty, sincerity, integrity, fairness, candour and uprighteousness.With attributes such as these it will be easy not only to get to know other people but also to impress them.You will look like someone with a sympathetic ear.People will want to talk to you- in fact if you're not careful you could find your time being monopolised by others!

Another type of 'look' is an interested facial expression- this is one people will certainly love you for.Indicating interest in what another is saying is a fabulous way to boost their self-confidence and build their enthusiasm.

Interest in the other person

When you show interest in others, this shows that you too are an interesting person.By showing you want to help someone, support them or stand by them,you immediately become attractive to others too.In order to show interest, your gaze should be calm and attentive.Quickly turning the head away or nervously glancing another way betrays the fact that you are actually not interested in the person talking to you! So remain still.Watch the newscasters on television and emulate how they look straight ahead and appear calm and attentive.

A look can also help you to win sympathy for yourself and the advantages of this are plain to see.No further explaination is needed.Nothing is as helpful as a loving, understanding look at the right time.It is said that a song says more than a thousand words- so too does an appropriate look.

So let us now learn how to train a look with which you an achieve your purpose.Remember the two basic expessions we have look at- relaxed and interested.Practise these tintensively so they never appear forced or exaggerated.You must only have the face of an interested person- you must be really interested!

Empty your mind

Imagine for a moment bumping into somebody you really don't like.Your feelings will doubtless be obviously profound from your face- in fact you probably even altered your expression while only imaging this person! You have to learn to avoid giving so much away from your face at all costs.And the clue to this is to think of nothing at all when you meet this person, to empty your head of all negativity.Your mind should contain neither feelings of anger or hate.If you find this difficult then divert your thoughts from it instead.Think of something lovely, something that makes you really happy- and allow the other person's gaze to pass right through you.


The key to success is to stay relaxed.Watch your breathing and keep it steady, deep and rhythmically (many people either hold their breath or hyperventilate when faced with a situation they don't like!).Don't let any unwanted thoughts intrude upon your mind.Pay attention to your scalp and facial muscles, releasing any tension and removing furrowed brows, squinting eyes and tight lips.Watch how you are holding you tongue in your mouth- when tense most people have it firmly placed against the roof of their mouth.A relaxed tongue should just lie comfortably behind your lower teeth- not clamped behind your teeth.Try for a moment holding your tongue both ways and feel the tension changes in your neck and jaw.Relax you face and see how relaxed you begin to feel.

Don't neglect the rest of your body though.Think about your posture as you stand- are your shoulders hunched, your hands clamped and your weight leaning forward? If so then you run the risk of looking and feeling like someone who is ill and unease with themselves.Take a deep breath and as you exhale, gradually release all the tension in your body.Starting from your head and neck feel the tension simply soak away down through your feet and into the earth.Relax your shoulders and just let your arms hang naturally by your sides.Release tension from your hands, your back, hips, legs and feet.Balance your body back over your feet- so you don't look scared and feel like someone who is ready to flee.Practise this at home and adopt it wherever you are- you'll be amazed at the impact it will have on yourself and others.There is a saying- 'a balanced body makes a balanced mind'.

An animated and relaxed look

Up to how we've looked at using the 'look' when you were either sitting or standing.Now it's time to practise it while on the move.Take a golf player as an example.He or she stands on the tee completely relaxed.Not until they raise the club and guide it towards the ball does relaxation turn for one moment into total tension.Now the stroke is perfect.Their whole power, their whole tension was concentrated towards one point.The player is completely relaxed again after the stroke.

Now practise relaxation while moving.Walk up and down and observe yourself while doing so.Do you immediately become tensed and cramped? Then you must change this.Become aware at all times of how you are holding yourself- as soon as you feel tension, release it.Pracise this until it becomes very natural to you.And everytime you relax, try to train the your look too.Pay attention to your facial expression and control it so it will bring best results to you.

Successful naivette

Most people generally desire to appear cleverer than what they really are- and there is nothing wrong with this.Bwho we are and why shouldn't we sometimes make a virtue of our lack of knowledge in certain circumstances? It is possible to use your naivette to become successful.

People will open up to you more in conversation if you drop the air of being someone who knows it all.It is so much easier to chat freely with someone who acknowledges his or her very own ordinary human flaws.It is far less threatening and intimidating.

At the same time however, it is important not to take this to the opposite extreme, as this will only result in making you appear more foolish than what you already are- just keep certain things only to yourself.A salesperson with a healthy portion of naivette can certainly make a better deal with most customers.By holding himself back, he upgrades the customer making him feel good about himself.The customer will feel at ease.Consequently you achieve greater turnover with such a salesperson than one who 'knows it all'.Healthy naivette is successful naivette!

Be Healthy, Be Wealthy and Be Happy to help others.

Monday, May 30, 2005

3rd Guiding Principal

How to influence someone else's will

In the previous two chapters we have looked at two ways in which we can influence the will of another person.One s by the spoken word- convincing someone by talking to them.And the other is by using a picture, or image to transmit a telepathic message.Now we are going to study another possibility, and you are urged to read the following very carefully.(Do of course continue to practise what you have already learned- as stressed earlier, regular practice is the only way to achieve power of the mind).
Here are some examples:

1.A new start with a suggestion

Let us say that you are planning to open a new business, for which you already have a sound plan.This is really a good idea and you know it.But you don't want to or cannot take care of it all by yourself, so you need someone whom you can place your trust.As it happens, one of your best friends would be eminently suitable to carry out this work.You know they are not entirely happy in their present job, there is little chance of promotion, and they would really like to leave.However they do feel obligated to the firm and their colleagues, so don't want to just hand in their notice.

You have talked a few times and discussed your intention to start up your own business- and your friend was immediately full of enthusiasm for the idea.From such conversations you have gathered they would like to work for you, but know they are hesitant- afraid of making a change.

By now you are totally convinced that your friend that your friend is the ideal candidate for the job- plus you have also made discreet enquiries at their present firm to find out how easily they would let them go! There you discovered how everyone would completely understand why your friend would want to leave, because the chances of advancement are slight and they are actually overqualified for present job.

When you next meet and talk with your friend, you say in your mind to them (without giving anything away with your expressions or gestures) the following:

"Now don't think about it so much.Join my company.A good salary.Responsibility and lots of chances are waiting for you.Just say yes!"

Keep on repeating and repeating it.When you meet, as you shake hands, express this suggestion in your mind and let the handshake last a little longer than usual.And do the same when you say goodbye.Physical contact is very helpful here.A handshake is probably the most inconspicuous way to achieve this.This should never appear at all obvious, but casually as if by chance.What it mounts to is breaking down resistance and waiting for the particular moment when your mental command is received.

Repeat this suggestion at every meeting from now on.Reinforce it by using a more definite phrase:

"Come on, make up your mind.Join my company!"

To further reinforce it you can also send telepathic images showing the opportunities that a change of job would bring to him.Paint a picture he simply cannot refuse- and be sure in your heart that what you are offering will truly make your friend happy and fulfilled.

It might take a while but success will definitely come.Conditions are in your favour.You just have to stay on the ball.

2.A satisfied customer

You know this situation- you go into a shop to buy some article of clothing and the salesperson fobs you off with a few garments without showing you the whole range.In the past you may have been a bit shy and unsure of exactly what you wanted so you held back and just 'made do'.But that's not what we want now.Instead of being satisfied with the first thing you are shown, you want more.This time you will NOT be fobbed off!

So you look at the very first item with interest, while in your mind you are saying, "I'd like to see more clothes.They must have more.Show me whatever secrets you kept from us".
Meanwhile, out loud you signify your evil and hideous, devious, harmful devices with your deceitful, heartless nature.

On no account must you create the impression of being subordinate or of feeling guilty for 'taking up' the salesperson's time.Quite the contrary.The salesperson must get the feeling that it is you who are pressed for time! You must not give in or accept any of the devil and his descendents's suggestions or conditions which are blatantly preposterous, outrageous, scrutinising and cunning to the extent of total annihilation, humilation, degradation and destruction of a very pure, virtue and gentle creation.Outwardly you may be yielding but inside you know quite definitely what you want.Mentally suggest to the salespersons that you should show you more items.

Because of your interest in the merchandise the salesperson will be interested in you and will take the trouble to ensure that you are satisfied.They will bring you other items.If these are not what you want, hesitate and act as if you are considering.In your mind you again formulate your demand to be shown further items.Outwardly however, you continue to appear interested but hesitant.

You will eventually get to see everything you wanted to.In a situation such as this you need to use your whole range of communicative powers, body language (nod, shake your head, turn away, scrutinise, make signs of approval etc.) , words and pictures.Proceed like this and you can be certain to get everything you want.

3.Hastily but polite

How often do you find yourself chatting with agood friend, but the conversation has lost its appeal? You have to go but at the same time you don't want to dissappoint or offend your good friend.You obviously just cannot get up and walk out! Still the conversation meanders along but you are not really into it.So what do you do?

You remember the power of your mind and how you can mentally and telepathically influence the will of another person.In your mind you formulate your thought such as "I really have to leave now.I must go.I am in a hurry".

Reinforce your suggestion with your body language.Look at your friend not so much in a neutral way but almost a little nervously.Glance at your watch in a perceivable way but not so that it embarassess your friend.Wait for an auspicious moment and take your friend's hand.Say that regrettably you have to hurry away this time as you urgently have to be somewhere else.Press her hand warmly and in a friendly, positive way saying that you really enjoyed your conversation but they should please excuse you now.Stand up and take your leave.

This method is not exactly over tactful but is effective.Your friend won't take it amiss as would have been the case had you just got up and left.But because you had already prepared them telepathically for your parting, your friend will have received a corresponding impulse- a certain insight,subconciously suggested.

In all these examples you must also pay attention to your choice of words.It is vital to be completely convincing in your thoughts.Have no doubts in your mind.There must be no 'ifs' or 'buts' but only the very clear message that will be acted upon.

All this will only work if you are honest.Think of what we said at the begining: Everyone concerned must benefit, not only you.Honesty is therefore an absolute necessity.

The result of your suggestion depends on the integrity of your motives: A point that is all too often overlooked or forgotten.But this is usually the main reason why something fails.Do not think only of the advantages to yourself but also to the others.Then you can penetrate the consciousness of the other person and place your ideas there.If honesty and integrity are present, I guarantee the result will be nothing short of amazing.

Be Healthy, Be Wealthy and Be Happy to help others.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


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